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Every child dreams of being a superhero. Most of the time, the abilities of this superhero change every day. One day they wake up with flight and another they have heat vision, but little do they know that some superheroes have multiple skills. I don’t mean DC’s Superman, but his cousin Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl.


Not the first heroine to come to mind? Superman is great person, but Supergirl has a couple more capabilities making her an all time favorite. Not only does she wield the same skill set as Clark Kent, but she was also trained in hand-to-hand combat by none other than Batman.


If only you could possess these powers. Wait! You can!

The Power of Sanity

Sure, it’s not the classic heat vision, but it is definitely one that every brand should be able to withhold. More than likely, your company sends out multiple posts and blogs to several social media platforms daily. This process can take several minutes, consisting of a lot of copying and pasting with some customization to each post.

Why continue wasting your time and resources on tedious tasks when there are social media superheroes such as Publer cuts down the time on creating each post, allowing for customization to occur between each platform. No more copying and pasting! So, add those photos to that Facebook post, remove those emojis for LinkedIn, and truncate that Tweet. Publer grants you the power to save yourself the time and sanity by creating multiple posts in one composer. Simple and Easy.

Most likely, you are using a platform where the lifespan of each post is within a 24-hour limit. You spent so much time creating that beautiful infographic just for it to be lost after 15 minutes or a few hours. Like Supergirl’s hand-to-hand combat, your trained skill can be a simple strategy we have been taught since we were young. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

“But that’s not a superpower!”

Of course, it is! Anything that saves your brand time and resources is a superpower. By recycling previous posts using Publer, you save yourself the hassle of scrolling through your feed and manually reposting each desired one.

Chrono Vision

A skill most dream of and others fear, organization. Social media is ever-changing, making it incredibly important for you to be able to see your brand’s past, present, and future posts.

Publer’s AutoScheduling features allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time using predefined timeslots where you set the desired time slots for each social media platform by either creating a timeslot or autofilling. The former allows you to choose the time, days, and post types you want to schedule, while autofilling automatically finds the earliest available timeslot based on the account’s preferred schedule.

Awesome! You have saved time for those future postings, but what about those past and present posts? Publer’s interactive calendar gives you the ability to view, manage, schedule, and preview your brand’s social media posts. This is designed to simplify the navigation and make your brand more organized. Remember that recycling power? These two powers playing hand in hand will enhance the workflow, giving you a better visual for when this content is posted.

As shown below, VSquared’s calendar indicates the content schedule with an icon showing which platform it is being posted on, where some days consist of the same post being on several platforms.

Take to the Sky!

Every superhero needs a sidekick. Let Publer be your sidekick and maybe one day you too will see that Publer is a true superhero. For your brand, the power to save money, time, and resources is extremely important, allowing you to take to the skies and focus on the business.

Within a few months, you will see the numbers soar in terms of reach, engagement, and clicks indicating that your business is one that people pay attention to. Soon, your brand will be one that people will not and cannot forget about.